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Launched Web Based Version of CNMS at SCAT-2011, Mumbai
Successfully Demonstrated Web based version of CNMS (CNMS-OnNet) at SCAT-2011, Mumbai Tradeshow for MSO/LCO having BIG Network size and want to maintain data centrally. New Web based version can handle large amount of data and can be accessed from anywhere thru Internet. The Application id divided into 4 Panels - Control Panel, Application Panel, En Subscriber Panel & Web Reporting Panel. The solution is developed on Microsoft.Net 3.5 Framework with MS-SQL Server 2010 as Database Tool. Existing CNMS users can upgrade to Latest Web Based version of CNMS with easy up-gradation process. Admin Panel, Subscriber Panel & Web reporting Panel are available on browser and Application Panel as Desktop Application with all 13. Functionalities of Web Based application with option of maintaining Database on Local Server for Local Area Access OR on Web Server for Centralized Web access.

Launched R-Soft SMS (SMS for DAS Networks) in SCAT-2011
Launched R-Soft SMS (Subscriber Management System) in SCAT-2011 for Digital Cable Network integrated with Leading Conditional Access Systems. ReliableSoft Subscriber Management System provides both Reliability and Flexibility to meet the demands of a range of large and small operations while maintaining Digital Cable Networks under DAS. The subscriber management portion of our solution provides Customer and Set Top Box Database Management Tools that includes: Provisioning of channels, Packages (Bouquets), and Smart Card pairing etc through integration with Conditional Access Systems (CAS). Graphical User Interfaces are web page based, so navigation is simple and intuitive – and accessible from anywhere. R-Soft SMS can handle BIG Digital Networks with millions of subscribers and efficiently manage subscriber data with strong MIS.

Cable TV Show 2012, Kolkata
Showcased R-Soft SMS and all other products at Cable TV Show 2012, Kolkata. Cable TV Show is India’s Largest Tradeshow for Cable & Broadcast Industry in which many CATV Industry related Hardware & Software companies had participated and exhibited their Products. We had also exhibited our Products in the Show. Customers had seen Live Demonstration of our all Products and discussed all their queries and suggestions personally with ReliableSoft Technical Experts.

Launched GSM Enabled SBM at SCAT-2009, Mumbai
Lauched GSM enabled SBM at SCAT-2009, Mumbai and given Live Demonstration to all the visitors at our Stall D-1 with practical data. As per our customers requirement and market demand, we have developed software for handling GSM enabled SBM operations. Thru GSM enabled SBM, customers can updated remote collection data within seconds to their PCs using Internet to have immediate checks on their employees performance OR for remote area transaction updates. GSM enabled SBM is more suitable for Networks having remote branch offices and want to control collection from their head offices which saves time and improves branch office Management remotely.

Launched New Compact Model P-32 SBM at Scat-2009, Mumbai
Launched New Compact Model P-32 SBM with USB communication port at Scat-2009, Mumbai Trade Show. Customers having Laptops without COM Port can take benefit from this New version of SBM. Also New version of SBM has got bigger Display area, 32 bit processor and is more compact as compared to previous available versions of SBM. The software running inside the New P-32 SBM will be same as previous version of SBMs were having.

Convergence India 2012
Showcased R-Soft SMS and all other products at Convergence India 2012, New Delhi. Convergence India Show is India’s Largest ICT event for Cable & Broadcast Industry in which many CATV Industry related Hardware & Software companies had participated and exhibited their Products. We had also exhibited our Products in the Show. Customers had seen Live Demonstration of our all Products and discussed all their queries and suggestions personally with ReliableSoft Technical Experts.

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ASC renewal due date is 15 days before current service period expiry date. If Customer fails to renew ASC by expiry date and thereafter if customer desire to change service period starting date or if Customer want to renew ASC after 1 year or more year Gaps then re-activation charges will be applicable which is 10% or more of current software cost in addition to 20% ASC cost as per ASC discontinuation slab given below.
The Package cover Customer Support services relating to product delivered on telephone, or in person at our office or by email relating to data, doubts and reinstallation during normal working office hours.
The cost also covers training or retaining charges.
The charges do not include services like virus cleaning or system related issues other than those relating specifically to product.
Services such as backup and restoring of data are also not covered. However, telephonic assistance for the same would be available.
Updates to the software will be provided free during the Contract period. However product upgrades introducing new features and value-adds will be charged extra.
One year warranty on hardware lock (Dongle) from date of purchase. Warranty period covers free replacement of hardware lock against any manufacturing defect or any internal problem only. Warranty period does not cover any physical damage or misplacement of hardware lock. In case of hardware lock misplacement customer has to purchase software pack again.
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2 1-2 Years 20% 15% 35%
3 2-3 Years 20% 20% 40%
4 3-4 years 20% 25% 45%
5 4-5 years 20% 30% 50%
6 5 -6 years 20% 35% 55%
7 6 Yrs & above 20% 40% 60%
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